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The Prince Of Egypt (2020 West End Soundtrack)


Based on the 2020 West End Soundtrack (watch the trailer)

Track List:

  1. Deliver us (sample)
  2. Faster (sample)
  3. One Weak Link (sample)
  4. Footprints On The Sand (sample)
  5. Dance To The Day (sample)
  6. All I Ever Wanted (sample)
  7. Make It Right (sample)
  8. Never In A Million Years (sample)
  9. Act I Finale (sample)
  10. Simcha (sample)
  11. Deliver Us (reprise) (sample)
  12. The Plagues (sample)
  13. Heartless (sample)
  14. When You Believe (sample)
  15. Never In A Million Years (reprise) (sample)
  16. Act II Finale (sample)
  17. Bows (sample)

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